What we do

Media and Production

Do you have any major project and you need help in the following areas: scriptwriting, directing, film and audio production, screenplay and other related services? We are committed to deliver professionalism. No doubt, our wide range of knowledge and skills are proven and adequate to attain excellence

WAAP Studio

Our Music (recording) studio is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and musical instrument. Regardless of your project(s), we are always ready to brew the best for you.
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Digital Advertising Campaign/Marketing

Every brands/businesses, regardless of it’s size or type need awareness. Advertsement could be for different reasons, however it’s important people get to know what you do by knowing you exist so as to make them think your brand whenever they think about your field of work. We don’t just push your product or services to your potential customers, we also ensure it reach the right people.

Content Creation

Having a good content isn’t just enough, which is why brands, companies and organisations are delving into emotional intelligence as a key component of their business and marketing strategies. Just a few companies recognise the emotional competitive advantage advertisements have Hence, at WAAP, we create contents that are memorable and with long-lasting experience in the minds of your existing and potential customers/clients and of emotional competitive advantage.

Brand Advocacy, Ambassadorship and Influence

We are business reoriented, We help brands become visible to larger audience and to hence, increase revenue without spending so much on advertising and traditional marketing. Our active and larger audience, fans and followers across the globe and our social media platforms qualify us as a good fit for your brand. Let’s work with you to influence our audience about your brand, represent and show support your brand.

Mentorship and Learning

You must have heard of IPM (Instgaram Parish Ministry) Have you ever taken a drama class, acted in a school or church play, or danced in a recital?
Are you gifted/talented with a strong desire to improve your acting skills and creativity built-up from inspiration and grace, then register at IPM Academy (A school of dramatic and comic art)

Master of Ceremonies

Let’s bring out the live and lighten up the atmosphere by anchoring your event We give value and purpose to events hence, imprinting a long-lasting experience and life-time happiness in the hearts of everyone present. Let’s anchor your event

Live and Stage performance

As much as we enjoy God’s grace and inspiration, we also extend this by limitless blessings of God to the whole world by spreading the gospel through our live and stage performances. As commanded in Matt 28:19, We are not restricted, we are not bounded and we are prophetically soaring.

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